Registration How To

Steps to register and start your course

Registration Process

1. When the online training portal window opens à select  SIGNUP 

2. Enter your first and last name, and email address

3. Create your username and password

4. Click  "o I’m not a robot" à Complete the verification images

5. Click "Create Account"


6. Click "Get your first course"


7. In the right menu; select "Course Catalog"

8. Select the course you would like to take9. Click, "Get this course" 


Payment Options

There are 3 payment options:

      A. Use a Free Coupon Code provided by your LMS or EM administrator

      B. Pay by credit card

      C. Pay by PayPal



        If your company has sent you a Free Coupon Code:

            - Click on the "Credits" Tab

            - Click on "Got a coupon?"

            - Enter the Coupon Code

            - Click "Checkout"


            - Click on the PayPal tab on the Payment screen

            - Select "Checkout"

            - Select "Checkout as Guest"

            - Enter your email

            - Click "Continue to Payment"

            - The credit card will window open:


            - Complete your credit card details

            - Enter your billing address details

            - Enter your email to receive a payment receipt

            - Click "Pay Now"

            - Your receipt will be emailed to your email address


        If you have an existing PayPal account:

            Enter your email or mobile phone associated with your account

                   - Click Next

            - Follow the PayPal steps

        If you want to set up a PayPal account:

                   - Click

                   - Follow the steps to create a personal account

                   - Once you have an account set up, return to the course registration

                   - On the payment screen, select the PayPal tab

                   - Enter your email or mobile phone associated with your account 

                   Follow the PayPal steps


9. Once payment has been processed the course confirmation will appear.

10. Click on the course image and click "You have this course". The course will open.

11. Click "Start" or "Resume Course" 

12. Begin the course

13. Complete the training modules and knowledge checks

14. Complete the exam (25 questions). A passing grade of 80% is required

15. You can complete the exam in as many sittings as you require

Note: For the ICS 100 course, a PDF handbook can be downloaded as a reference guide, see “Files”



- Remember your Username & Password to log back in. The course will resume where you left off until it is completed in full.

- Download and print your certificates or save an electronic copy to your files.


Thank you for registering!